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Make your exotic pet feel right at home.

With our variety of supplies and accessories, your animal will feel comfortable and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Reptile Supplies | Oldsmar, FL | Herp Hobby Shop | 813-925-0041

Give them a space to explore and thrive in.

Our various types of supplies can help you build the perfect space that is ideal for your type of pet. Get add-ons, such as climbing branches and other decorations, as well as essential items like screen cages and bedding.

  • Full line of terrariums
  • Screen cages
  • All types of bedding
  • Cage fixtures and decorations
  • Hide logs / climbing branches
  • UVB lighting / domes / heat lamps
  • Waterfalls

Supplies you won't find anywhere else.

You won't get the plethora of accessories for your particular exotic pet in any other store. Find the variety and unique pieces you want for your favorite pet.

Our name brand products are some of the best around and will give your animal the home it needs. Your pet will enjoy roaming around in its cage filled with fun items!

Everything you need for your pet to live a healthy life.
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